YouTube – junk or the future?

When I first started watching YouTube, it was for the purposes of humor. Friends would walk around saying, “Where’s my chapstick?” or “Ouch Charlie, you bit my finger.” I didn’t see it anything more than a place to go to waste time on dumb videos. I would honestly pride myself in not seeing videos because “I was doing something with my time better than that.” If I did watch videos, it was on Vimeo. During this time, Vimeo was much more limited to high quality film projects. I chose to host all of my video projects on there. It was also nice to not worry about all the video’s it would recommend after it finished playing.

The beauty of YouTube is that creators from everywhere can connect with an audience anywhere.

Since then, YouTube has changed so much – while also staying the same. Their algorithms have improved to recommend more than just funny videos and clickbait. For me, YouTube has become a place of learning, inspiration, and community. I’ve found many creatives that produce high-quality content – and YouTube continues to recommend more to me. The beauty of YouTube is that creators from everywhere can connect with an audience anywhere.

One of my favorite YouTuber’s recently quit his daily vlog but continues to post videos from time to time. The thing I love about Casey is his drive to constantly create something and push himself. He’s definitely pushed me towards focusing on capturing with what you have and not letting the equipment get in the way. I’ve also learned to not be afraid to shoot anywhere. However the biggest takeaway from Casey is challenge to make something every day which is where I got my goal from. (He also has a great selection of music for his BG tracks. )

That being said, my new favorite YouTuber is a guy named Peter McKinnon. He’s a high-energy photographer/cinematographer from Canada that produces beautiful videos and excellent tutorials. He’s very open to sharing how he does what he does and continues to drive home the “just go shoot” mindset. I highly recommend subscribing to him and watching some of his tutorials. Here’s one where he does a great job explaining b-roll:

Make sure to subscribe to his channel or give him a like. This past week he posted a video where he interviewed the Power Rangers.

I’m excited to see how YouTube grows. With their announcement of YouTube TV, it’s very clear that they are very close to bridging the gap of building a platform where people can enjoy both every-day creators and Hollywood in one place. What are your thoughts on YouTube? Who do you subscribe to? Let me know in the comments!

The featured image from this post comes from a photo/video shoot this weekend. My good friend Rich is an incredible dog trainer and an awesome guy. Check him out here.

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