Make something. Everyday.

So. Blogging is hard. Actually, no. I just overcomplicate it – like many things (but that’s a whole different blog post).

When it comes down to it, I often tell myself that I am either too busy, too tired, or too scatterbrained to write a blog post worth reading. I’d even convince myself that it wasn’t even worth it because no would even read it. But after running into several people and talking with some close friends, I realized I have a lot more accountability and readers than I thought. That being said, I commit to you to post at least once a week.

But more than that, I’ve also challenged myself to make something everyday. Whether that’s a social graphic, a blog post, a video, or even a new meal, I’m pushing myself to be more creative. I think by doing this, I’ll also have to get over my perfectionist nature that overcomplicates things. You’ll likely see a lot of these projects on here as well as my social media¬†(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

Life Updates

  • I still work at Love City in the Portland neighborhood and it’s going amazing! I’ve been able to stretch myself in doing print work and teaching class. We have a pretty big video that we will be releasing in a little bit that I’ve also enjoyed being a part of. I also still live in Portland but moved across the street.
  • I was blessed to be able to go to Israel over New Years with 74 college-age friends and leaders at Southeast. That trip was mind-blowing and definitely a great way to start the year. The picture above is from the region of the Dead Sea.
  • Levi is now over a year old and is still a bundle of joy & craziness. He was recently groomed and is showing a little bit more of the poodle in his doodle.
  • I’m about to start on a personal video that will log a lot of flight time for the drone – be on the lookout by the end of March for this video.

Let me know in the comments below if there are any topics that you’d like me to write on.

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